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The NICHOLAS SHARP ACTION THRILLERS can be read in any order.


First they betrayed his trust… then they betrayed his country.
Nicholas Sharp was the best of the elite. But after deliberately planted false intelligence caused him to shoot an innocent man, the US Marine sniper walked away.
Seeking refuge in the solace of his beloved piano, he's moved on.
Suddenly, Sharp’s new world is blasted apart.
While he’s preparing to back well-known singer Robbie West on a USO tour of Iraq, a close friend and her daughter disappear.
Simultaneously, faces from Sharp’s troubled past re-emerge… and it’s no coincidence.
Sharp is ordered to choose between saving the mother and daughter, or the loss of thousands of lives.
But Nicholas Sharp gave up following orders long ago.
Trapped in a deadly maze of colliding worlds and dark agendas, Sharp is compelled to act. He knows there’ll be blood on his hands. It’s just a question of whose.
One wrong decision, one misstep… and the consequences could be disastrous.


You can't stop someone with nothing to lose...

From the Australian outback to the concert halls of Europe, former Marine sniper turned musician Nicholas Sharp is living in luxury thanks to promoter Antonio Ascardi. The tour is sold out and Sharp’s future seems assured.
Suddenly it all goes wrong. People are dying along the way and Sharp is blamed.
Behind the scenes forces are at play and Nicholas Sharp is the one being played. Now a hunted man, accused of terrorist crimes across the continent, Sharp must fight for his life and freedom.


Step up, or get the hell out of there...

A goodwill visit to Sudan, what could possibly go wrong?
Former US marine sniper turned musician, Nicholas Sharp is performing as part of a cultural group representing the US. Suddenly caught up in the middle of a political coup, the leader of the American contingent goes missing, his security detail murdered. Communication with the outside world is cut off. It falls to Sharp and Greatrex to track their missing leader down. But then, things get really complicated…


It's dangerous to be right when the government is wrong...

Hunted down by their government’s secret service, the members of protest band Kha Cring flee to Los Angeles to begin a new life. After an unexpected attack, the musicians’ safe exile in LA is jeopardized. The desire to fight for their country’s freedom undiminished, the band find their soaring popularity and politically messaged music no longer enough to protect them from the evil they escaped A deadlier weapon is needed. Nicholas Sharp. In an instant things go terribly wrong as the former Marine sniper turned musician finds himself the focus of a network of international conspirators intent on wiping both he and the members of Kha Cring from the face of the planet.


Looking in the mirror, he saw only death…

Pursued by one of the world’s most efficient and ruthless assassins, former Marine sniper turned musician Nicholas Sharp almost admires the deadly operator’s meticulous talents, that is until he starts coming after Sharp through his friends. Sharp’s investigations reveal that the killer also has another target in sight: the US Secretary of Defense.
Is there a dark connection?
Face to face with a past he’d considered banished from his memory, Nicholas Sharp questions not only his own moral compass but also his diminishing chance of survival.


Are you safe?...

Nicholas Sharp receives a mysterious phone call from Jack Greatrex… then Greatrex disappears.
In a hunt that takes him through South America, Texas, the mountains of Northern Spain and eventually the Middle East, Sharp encounters world renowned environmental activist Dr Deagan Jones from the notorious Crimson Wave. As Sharp uncovers a chain of complex deceptions, Jones’ teenage son is kidnapped. The stakes never higher, the ex-Marine sniper turned musician fights to prevent an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe with unimaginable consequences.

A Terrorist attack on the London Underground. Nicholas Sharp doesn’t think so.

While on leave from Iraq, the U.S. Marine Sniper finds himself intervening when innocent lives are threatened. He walks away, but for Sharp, it’s never that easy. Something doesn’t feel right. Twenty-four hours later, everything is wrong.
The brief solace he finds in his beloved piano is shattered when Sharp becomes the attacker’s next target. Step up or step away. Nicholas Sharp doesn’t like to kill, but he sure as hell knows how to.

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Just turn around and walk away. 

That was all Nicholas Sharp had to do when the mysterious and intoxicating Elena approached him for help.

She knew far too much about him. The warning signs were all there.

Sharp didn’t listen to them.

What followed for the former Marine Sniper turned musician, was a harrowing night of violence, deceit and intrigue.

When the sunrise ushered in a new day, Sharp thought it was all over…but it was really just beginning.

BLOOD NOTE is a short story and is best read between KILLSONG and LETHAL SCORE. You'll receive it for FREE two weeks after you sign up to Mark's mailing list.

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